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5 Best Cryptocurrency Books For Beginners (Even In 2022)

5 Best Cryptocurrency Books For Beginners (Even In 2022)

Here are the 5 best cryptocurrency books for beginners that will introduce you to the world of digital money. Even if it’s 2022, these books will give you a solid foundation as to how cryptocurrency works and how to use it. So get reading and join the revolution!

Background Basics

Cryptocurrencies are electronic currencies that use cryptography to secure transactions and payment of goods and services. Using Distributed Ledger Technology to record these transactions, the exchange of cryptocurrency occurs directly between two parties. It does not involve third parties such as financial institutions or central authorities like governments.

Read the above paragraph again-this is the first step to financial freedom.

Although mainstream adoption of digital currency has yet to replace fiat currencies, there is a growing acceptance that this will become a very powerful global social movement. It will become the financial future. Hint: watch where venture capitalists are putting their money. 

The giant investment institutions and hedge funds on Wall Street are responding to their clients who appreciate the potential of investing in blockchain technology and digital currency to increase their wealth. When financial markets take notice, it means that crypto assets are seen as a legitimate asset class. 

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have become tools for hedge funds to gain any advantage over their competitors. However, this should not stop you from arming yourself with up to date information and strategies to take on the big players as you grow your investment portfolio.

As previously mentioned, Bitcoin and blockchain technology offers many benefits such as transparency regarding payments (no third-party interference). Another advantage when considering cryptocurrency over traditional forms: the transactional fees are lower (depending on the blockchain used) since you only pay once your transaction has been confirmed.

Cryptocurrencies also offer users freedom from the tax by stealth from government-issued fiat currency through inflation.

As per Statista 2021 report, the United Kingdom is ranked as a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange market. Similarly, over the past few years, cryptocurrency transactions increased readily in the United States, Australia, and other countries. 

Cryptocurrency transactions are digital records that permanently exist on the blockchain database. It is characterized as immutable records of transactions rather than actual money that is accepted and traded.

For example, Bitcoin is built as a decentralized open database that keeps a record of all transactions between parties. These transactions can only be approved by each Bitcoin owner, effectively giving financial power back to the individual.

As technology is progressing so swiftly, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of the cryptocurrency world if you not only want to survive but thrive in this blockchain revolution.

These books will give you an insight into the crypto world. They will help you understand blockchain technology, how to set up cryptocurrency wallets to store your crypto assets and give you a window to trading cryptocurrency.

So, here is a comprehensive list of the best books on cryptocurrency to read in 2022.

Table of Contents

5 Best Cryptocurrency Books for Beginners (Even in 2022)

  •     Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies
  •     The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking
  •     Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps
  •     Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain
  •     The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains

1. Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies

Author: Kiana Danial

Book Length: 352 Pages

Publication Language and Year: English, March 2019

This marvelous book by Kiana Danial provides reliable guidance on how to invest in cryptocurrency. With the implementation of real world examples, the author explains how to use this new technology to maximize your digital assets.

This book assumes the reader has no prior knowledge of the world of cryptocurrency. It covers the basics of buying, storing, and securely selling cryptocurrencies. In detail, you’ll learn how to pick the best exchange platform for yourself. Notably, you will also learn how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls in cryptocurrency trading.

Similarly, it covers the technology behind bitcoin that underpins other digital currencies as well. It gives you analysis techniques for determining which currencies are the most profitable. And what is the best time to invest in these digital assets?

Furthermore, it explains that, like fiat currencies, there are various types of cryptocurrencies. Not only has this, but it also assisted you in learning how to efficiently maintain your digital wallet to keep your crypto assets safe.

Finally, this book explores the hottest issues and market-moving actions that affect cryptocurrency values. It is modest enough for a beginner to comprehend. However, there is enough information in it for even an intermediate cryptocurrency investor researching new investment opportunities.

Benefits of Studying this Book

What you will learn:

  •     Cryptocurrency Investment: what is it and how does the cryptocurrency market work?
  •     Cryptocurrency Practise: how to choose the right currency.
  •     Cryptocurrency Opportunities: how to add to your income streams
  •     Cryptocurrency Platform: how to begin trading and investing using the best platform.
  •     Cryptocurrency Market Analysis: how to understand cryptocurrency for investors, interpreting cryptocurrency price charts etc.


Basic Price: $17.19 plus $17.62 Shipping and Handling Charges on Amazon

Key Takeaways

Kiana Danial unfolds the detailed analysis in one shot to understand cryptocurrency business and personal finance. This book highlights the categories of cryptocurrency investors and why you should invest in crypto as a class of financial assets and what are the smartest cryptocurrency strategies.

 2. The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking

Author: Saifedean Ammous

Book Length: 304 Pages

Publication Language and Year: English, March 2018

This is one of the best books on Bitcoin that discusses the historical context of Bitcoin’s rise in the crypto space and the technology behind bitcoin. Specifically, it covers the history of early systems of exchanging coins, the gold standards, and modern government debt schemes that underpins the current global financial system.

Ammous takes the reader on an entertaining trip through the history of technology that executes the functions of money. It gives the readers an idea of what makes sound money and sets the stage for a discussion of its economic implication.

The book then moves on to a functional and intuitive explanation of how Bitcoin works. It does this against the backdrop of current monetary policy.

Ammous touches on exploring Bitcoin and its potential as a replacement for central bank money. it covers how Bitcoin pushes the pendulum of authority from governments and toward individuals.

This technological revolution that is the portent of a successful decentralized digital currency challenges the most sacrosanct of government monopolies. It provides us with the tantalizing prospect of a world where money is completely decoupled from politics. Hang on to your bitcoin wallet folks!

You also learn exactly how to settle a massive sum of money around the globe in a matter of minutes. In the last chapter, you can explore some of the most frequently asked topics about Bitcoin.

Overall, Bitcoin Standard is a must-read for everyone interested in learning more about the Internet’s decentralized and free-market alternative to state controlled banks.

Benefits of Studying this Book

What you will learn:

  •     Bitcoin Investment: how to understand the history and evolution of money
  •     Bitcoin Practises: how to learn about money, bitcoin, altcoins, and blockchain technology
  •     Bitcoin Platform: learn about the relationship between bitcoin and the economic world.
  •     Bitcoin Opportunities: how you can benefit from capitalizing and trading bitcoin in the seemingly complex world of cryptocurrency
  •     Bitcoin Market Analysis: how to educate yourself on how to profit from the decentralization of the financial system and boosting your cryptocurrency investments.


The listed price of this book is $13.89 with Shipping and Handling Charges on Amazon

Key Takeaways

Ammous uncovered Bitcoin Technology in a historical context. Further, it covers all the aspects of the internet of money, its decentralization and its effect on money markets as we know it today.

5 Best Cryptocurrency Books For Beginners (Even In 2022)

 3. Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps

Author: Daniel Drescher

Book Length: 270 Pages

Publication Language and Year: English, March 2017

The book does exactly what it claims to do: it teaches Blockchain Basics without the use of coding. And do so by allowing you to “take home” the information after reading it.

Specifically, this book is organized into 25 short chapters. Each chapter is concise and complements the previous chapters.

The great part of this book is that the fundamentals of blockchain technology are described in 25 easy steps. It does not intimidate the novice reader with the usage of mathematical calculations, programming language, or computer science buzzwords.

Although it can be a little complex at times, you don’t need a computer science degree to grasp the concepts this book covers. Further, it fills the breach between entirely technical blockchain books and purely business-focused blockchain books.

After reading the book, you will be able to get your head around the specs and benefits of how blockchain works especially how smart contracts work. Moreover, you will get a comprehensive understanding of how various components of blockchain interact.

Anyone interested in getting into the crypto space and learning more about blockchain can benefit from reading this book.

Benefits of Studying this Book

What you will learn:

  •     Blockchain Investment: learn the basic concepts of the crypto market and investing in cryptocurrency.
  •     Blockchain Practise: understand the blockchain fundamentals even though you have no prior computer and coding knowledge.
  •     Blockchain Opportunities: Simple and easy to understand
  •     Blockchain Platform: understand applications of blockchain in the financial world with reference to cryptocurrency exchanges playing a vital role in for crypto traders across the crypto markets
  •     Blockchain Market Analysis: understand how the blockchain’s diverse components function and interact.
  •     Blockchain: what are its limitations, why do they exist, and how have they been overcome?


The listed price of this book is $25.00 with Shipping and Handling Charges on Amazon

Key Takeaways

Daniel Drescher attempts to cover the gap between blockchain technicalities and business applications. Further, it explains blockchain components, their potential use in financial systems.

5 Best Cryptocurrency Books For Beginners (Even In 2022)

 4. Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain (2nd Edition)

Author: Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Book Length: 416 Pages

Publication Language and Year: English, July 2017

This book is technically your guide from end to end in the complicated domain of bitcoin. It will equip you with the knowledge where you need to engage in the money internet.

Significantly, it starts with a thorough description of how bitcoin works. This is something found in other books on bitcoin lacking the essential points.

Further, it contains vital information to get you started. Whether you’re planning to develop an application or financing your business, this is your perfect guide. To get the maximum benefit from it, you must have at least some knowledge of programming

Everything you need to know about the bitcoin coding protocol is covered in one place. This is a must-read book for beginners.

Benefits of Studying this Book

What you will learn:

  •     Bitcoin Investment: you can know the basics to advance knowledge in one book
  •     Bitcoin Practise: you can understand when and where to deploy your money when considering investment options.
  •     Bitcoin Opportunities: you get the opportunities to understand technical concepts through examples, stories, and codes.
  •     Bitcoin Platform: you learn about alternative chains, currencies, and applications that are extensions of the bitcoin and blockchain inventions.
  •     Bitcoin Market Analysis: you can get perfect market analysis directions from start to advanced level.


The listed price of the book is $28.99 with Shipping and Handling Charges on Amazon

Key Takeaways

Andreas highlighted the complex world of bitcoin that when and where to deploy your money efficiently. Further, it covers market analysis and future directions.

5 Best Cryptocurrency Books For Beginners (Even In 2022)

 5. The Basics of Bitcoin and Blockchains

Author: Antony Lewis

Book Length: 300 Pages

Publication Language and Year: English, (Audible April 2020)

This book is a good place to start and easy to grasp for a non-technical reader. Although it contains a detailed explanation of bitcoin and blockchains, it is quick and interesting to read about the bitcoin network.

Antony does an excellent job at explaining the fundamentals of Bitcoin and the technology behind bitcoin.

Aside from the Bitcoin and Blockchain content, the book serves as an excellent primer on how money “functions” and “moves.” The way money moves have changed dramatically in recent years as a result of modern technology.

Because of these changes, millions of business opportunities have sprung up around that concept in the previous years. Whereas Andreas’ Mastering Bitcoin is a deep dive into the world of virtual currency, this book can be appreciated by people from all walks of life.

Benefits of Studying this Book

What you will learn:

  •     Bitcoin and Blockchain Investment: gain knowledge about the history and basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  •     Bitcoin and Blockchain Practise: appreciate the wide range of Bitcoin-related issues and their solutions.
  •     Bitcoin and Blockchain Opportunities: learn about the concept of blockchain in the easiest way.
  •     Bitcoin and Blockchain Platform: gain the knowledge you need before investing in the exciting market that is cryptocurrency.
  •     Bitcoin and Blockchain Market Analysis: understand bitcoin and blockchain revolution around the globe.


Basic Price: $17.80 with Shipping and Handling Charges on Amazon

 Key Takeaways

Antony encapsulates the basic concept of bitcoin and blockchain in a detailed explanation in one book.

5 Best Cryptocurrency Books For Beginners (Even In 2022)


We sincerely hoped that you found the list of the best cryptocurrency books to be interesting and informative. As always, it all depends on what you want to learn and what your objectives are. These books will broaden your mind to realms you may not have considered before.

More importantly, just reading a couple of them will put you ahead of 99 percent of the population. Because the majority of individuals do not strive to improve their knowledge in the area of investing.

These cryptocurrency books will benefit you whether you’re a trader, an investor, a business owner, or just curious about digital currencies.

I am sure Satoshi Nakamoto, the elusive bitcoin creator will be cheering you on in your quest for financial independence!

What did we overlook? Please let us know if we overlooked your favorite crypto book in the comments section below.

Best Cryptocurrency Books FAQs

Q: What are Cryptocurrency Books?

Cryptocurrency books are the collection of knowledge one needs to know before jumping into the crypto market. By reading these books you will be able to understand what cryptocurrency is and how it works.

Q: How do I Start Learning Cryptocurrency?

We’ve listed a few books in the article above from where you can start learning cryptocurrency including how to set up your cryptocurrency wallet. These books will give an insight into currency and its impact on the financial world.

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