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5 Best Robot Lawn Mowers – 1 acre

So which are the 5 Best Robot Lawn Mowers – 1 acre

When choosing the best robot lawn mowers, there are many features to consider.

For lawns under 1 acre, some of the considerations such as uneven terrain, thick grass or wet grass that are usually found on large lawns are not a priority. This means that robot lawn mowers that meet the basic requirements and that come with fewer bells and whistles are more economical.

If you like a more hands approach, here are some alternatives such as:

a) electric zero turn mowers

b)small ride on mowers and lawn tractors or 

c) self propelled lawn mowers.

The best robotic lawn mowers can handle steep slopes, allow for cutting height adjustments and edge trimming especially around flower beds.

Improvements in GPS technology means these models can navigate with accuracy through different sections of lawn that may have taller grass than other areas.

Your average robot mower must have decent battery life, adjustable cutting height options that can do the job in just over an hour. This is dependent on the cutting width of the model you are set on purchasing.

We have put together the most important factors you need to consider before purchasing the best robot lawn mower for 1 acre (approximately 4,000 sq m) sized lawns.

Power source and battery life

Battery power is especially important if you are planning on completely mowing a large area within a couple of hours.

The robot mower charges automatically from a home base. The base station serves as a charge station and the terminal wire hub. The power source charging the mower battery sends an electric current into the boundary wire that keeps the lawnmower within its limits.

A simple electrical connection at nearby Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) home outlets supplies electricity needed on a single charge. This mower generally carries rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Depending upon model and lawn conditions, the lawn mower operates for up to 2 hours per charge. The rechargeable battery pack normally last between 30 to 60 minutes before being recharged.

Yard size

When searching for new robot mowers take a precise measurement of the mowing area. Measure the lawn area in sq m, excluding all square feet of land taken from your home, driveway or landscaping. Often only half of an average property’s area is lawn space, sometimes less.

Small robotic mowers and lawnmowers can be used anywhere around small lawns of one-third of an acre (11, 000 sq m). Mid-sized robotic lawnmowers are good for a medium size lawns of 1.5 acres (6, 000 sq m).

Large robot lawnmowers can reach an area of 3.5 acres (12, 000 sq m) or more but will cost you more.

In all cases, you will need to peg out the actual area to be mowed using perimeter wire. This boundary wire marks out where your robotic mower should only mow.

Terrain handling

Basic robot mowers operate over a wide range of slopes from 15 degrees to steeper slopes of 20 degrees. Yards with garden beds and/or boulders require more robust models.

Look for a robot lawn mower with a collision detection and an integrated GPS system installed. IF your yard is uneven in size and shape, a multizone programmability function for navigation is a must. Mapping out the area using boundary wire especially around flower beds that are irregular in shape is an advantage.

If you have a lot of hills and rough terrain, then you’ll need a robot mower that can handle that. Some robot mowers are better equipped for hilly terrain and steeper slopes than others.

You’ll also want to think about the type of grass you have. If you have a thick, dense lawn, then you’ll need a robot mower with enough power to handle it.

Weather Protection

Most robotic mowers come with rain sensors and can withstand the outdoors during mowing season. Some robotic mowers may operate in rain, but this isn’t advisable, because mowing a wet lawn will lead to quicker engine wear.

Some robotic lawnmowers can track rainfall by stopping and delay planned mowing in rainy conditions. Other robot mowers have an automatic cut schedule overridden so the user can switch off unless the weather forecasts rain.

Some models also link to an App enabling the mower to turn off when rains occur in the forecast. Docks can also provide protection against rain during the mowing season.

Mowing Height

Grass type, climate and terrain can affect lawn mowing heights. Warm season grass like Bermuda and Zoysia are recommended at an average height of a foot in a metre and cold-season grasses such as Fescue bluegrass and perennial ryegrass may be recommended.

If you have outdoor furniture, look for spiral mowing models, that will easily cut grass for example, under the kids trampolines in the backyard.

Smart technology

The ability to operate the robotic lawnmower is also possible through sensors in the vehicle that can connect Bluetooth devices with the mobile app of the user. The mower starts and recharges itself and returns to its dock after completion in order to continue the work.

Collision sensors are used for protecting non-grassy areas on the ground. Some are fitted with lift and tilt sensors which make them ideal for mowing uneven terrain.

Smart technology also means you can program a cutting schedule based on rainfall and temperature that may vary throughout the year. This is definitely one feature to look out for when shopping for the best robotic lawn mowers where mowing season fluctuates.

Safety features

Robot lawnmowers have safety features to keep you protected. Collision detection via sensors is used to program the machines to move slowly to allow pets to see them approaching. Detection of a collision slows or redirects mowers as it passes obstacles.

A mechanical stop-start mechanism kicks in when the unit is lifted which stops the blades.

Mower blades have drilled holes positioned at a distance away from the edge to minimize the possibility of causing cuts and injuries.


Onboard computers signal if the mower needs cleaning and recharge.

Programming the mower’s mowing plan is easy. Most robotic lawn mowing mowers are Bluetooth-enabled or Wi Fi connected.

The more sophisticated models a custom mowing schedule to be programmed into the unit.


Robot mowers can be easily stolen as they are very portable. Hence, the best robot lawnmowers need a Personal Identification Code (PIC) to become operational.

Some have alarms, security alarms and GPS tracking which is triggered when the unit is removed from the owner’s home.

Noise levels

Robot lawnmowers are relatively quiet. They produce an average of about 50 – 70 decibels which resembles a quiet refrigerator with quiet conversations in a car’s speed of about 62 miles an hour. By comparison, a gas powered push mower produces 95 decibels.

The amount of time you’re willing to spend maintaining your robot mower.

Some robot mowers require more maintenance than others. If you’re not willing to spend a lot of time cleaning and charging your mower, then you’ll want to look for one that doesn’t require as much work.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the robot mower you choose is easy to use. You don’t want to be struggling with complicated controls when all you want to do is mow your lawn.

Here are five of the best robot lawn mowers for 1 acre lawns:

1. The WORX 20V Landroid Mower

The WORX 20V Landroid Mower is a great option for those with 1 acre lawns; it can easily handle up to 1,500m2.

It is App capable which means that you can decide when you feel like performing an unscheduled lawn mowing afternoon via your smart phone. The App software has an intuitive layered interface for customized working schedules that offers five different settings.

5 Best Robot Lawn Mowers - 1 acre
Source: https://au.worx.com/shop/configuration/kit/worx-20v-landroid-robot-lawn-mower-1500m2-dedicated-appcut-to-edge-automatic/

The Automatic over the Air Software updates means that your mower will always be up-to-date with the latest features and functionality.

For that well-manicured lawns extend right to the edge, this mower is equipped via a 3-blade offset configuration for a cutting/mulching system for closer edge cutting.

With its patented mowing AIA cutting technology, the Worx Landroid Mower is designed to navigate through areas such as narrow paths easily.

Tested on Buffalo turf the WORX 20V is designed specifically for Australian conditions – so you know it can handle anything your lawn throws its way.

The two independent brushless wheel motors makes mowing on hills and slope and maneuvering a breeze.

In rainy weather, the WORX 20V mower also comes with a rain sensor that programs it to return to base and charger station.

The Worx Landroid Mower runs on our WORX 20V POWERSHARE™ battery platform, so you can easily share batteries with all of your other WORX 20V cordless tools.

The manufacturer offers dedicated after sales support and a 2+1 year warranty.

2. The Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD

The Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD is a great option if you are looking for a robotic lawn mower that can literally climb up hills. It has an impressive 70% incline capability (35˚), this mower can tackle even the most challenging slopes.

With its all-wheel drive and articulated body, the 435X AWD can easily maneuver around obstacles and tough terrain, making it perfect for any lawn.

5 Best Robot Lawn Mowers - 1 acre
Source: https://www.husqvarna.com/au/robotic-lawn-mowers/automower-435x-awd/

And, with the ability to handle lawns up to 3, 500 sq m, the 435X AWD is also perfect for larger spaces.

The X-Line design and feature package includes GPS theft tracking, GPS assisted navigation, LED headlights, front rubber bumper, and orange wheel caps – making the 435X AWD the most advanced and stylish robotic lawn mower on the market.

The GPS assisted navigation is a cool feature as it means you can be sure that your mower will always find its way back to its charging station.

The Automower 435X AWD is very low-maintenance, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning and charging it.

But this mower is not just about power – it’s also intelligent. Equipped with Automower® Connect, this mower can be controlled from your smartphone, making it easier than ever to keep your lawn looking perfect.

3. GARDENA SILENO Life 750 Robotic Lawnmower

The GARDENA SILENO Life 750 Robotic Lawnmower is the perfect solution for those who want a beautiful lawn without any of the hassle. This Li-ion battery-powered mower is ideal for lawns up to 750 sq m, and can be programmed using the GARDENA Bluetooth app or directly on the machine itself.

5 Best Robot Lawn Mowers - 1 acre
Source: https://www.gardena.com/au/products/lawn-care/robotic-mower/sileno-life-750/967845314/

The GARDENA SILENO Life 750 Robotic Lawnmower is extremely versatile and can handle inclines of up to 35 degrees. It is also fitted with a collision sensor which means it has no problems navigating narrow and tight spaces.

Additionally, it can operate in any weather condition, including heavy rain, and is virtually silent (57 dB), making it ideal for night-time use. Fitted with a Frost Sensor, it automatically stops mowing to protect your lawn if it detects temperatures are close to freezing.

With a cutting width of 22 cm and adjustable cutting height (20-50mm), t is fitted with 3 pivoting blades that allows mulching of grass clippings as well as lawn mowing.

The GARDENA has a cool feature called “Spot Cutting” function that is designed to mow in a spiral/circular pattern that is ideal for getting a tidy cut under garden fixtures like trampolines.

The manufacturer has installed a user PIN code and an inbuilt alarm to discourage theft of your equipment.

The GARDENA SILENO Life 750 Robotic Lawnmower comes with a 3 year warranty (battery and wear parts excluded).

4. Ambrogio L250i Elite

The Ambrogio L250i Elite which runs on 26V Li-ion battery (7.5 Ah) is designed for continuous cutting of 3.5 hours of up to 3, 200 sq m of lawn. This model operates at 63 dB.

It’s toothed wheels (self cleaning) give it solid grip on uneven surfaces (max slope 35%); stability is provided by the flex rubber rear wheels.

5 Best Robot Lawn Mowers - 1 acre
Source: https://www.ambrogiorobot.com/en/models

You can operate up to 8 separate areas with the brushless motor powering a 4 point start blade. The adjustable cutting heights (25-70 mm) and a cutting deck of 29 cm means that each area is mown to perfection.

This model is programmable via Bluetooth App or if you prefer, through the touchscreen display in the unit.

This model is also equipped with SMART ASSISTANT that lets you send vocal commands (think Alexa or Siri) instead of using the App.

It has GPS navigation functionality, and return to base charging station

The operator PIN code function means this model is less attractive to thieves.

The Ambrogio L85 Elite is fitted with a rain sensor and is programmable with a spiral cutting system for tidying up under outdoor furniture etc.

A cool feature is its Satellite Dynamic Memory function that maps areas it has mowed and stores the time taken to mow for future reference.

5. John Deere TANGO E5 SERIES II

The John Deere TANGO E5 SERIES II is a 25V 2.6 Ah Li-ion battery powered unit that can easily mow 1, 800 sq m in one go. Smart technology installed includes sensing when it is due for a recharge. This unit knows when to return to base for a recharge.

The 4 sided blade can be height adjusted (19-102 mm) to give the cleanest cut and mulching of clippings back into the garden.

5 Best Robot Lawn Mowers - 1 acre
Source: https://www.deere.com/

You have the option of programming a spiral as well as random cut. Noise levels of 69 dB are within the acceptable range for robot lawn mowers.

The John Deere TANGO E5 SERIES II can handle slopes up to 36% and comes with a number of sensors (bump, tilt, lift and handle touch) making this model one safest on the market.

The manufacturer also provides individual PIN codes as a security measure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Robot Lawn Mowers Work?

Robot lawnmowers have similarities with vacuum cleaners. In the action you can almost feel a Roomba sweeping the lawn and cleaning everything out.

However, the internal structure could not have been any different. All mowers use a rechargeable battery motor that powers the blades. It comes with a docking station also called a base station.

Perimeter wires held down with stakes similar to tent pegs signal to the robot lawn mower the area within that it should be mowing.

What is the lifespan of robotic lawn mowers

It is difficult, if any, to tell how long an actual robotic lawnmower lasts since new mowers only come out recently. With proper maintenance a robotic mower will never last longer than 10 years. Battery life varies depending on the model and how frequently the robot lawn mower is used, but generally expect about 1 – 2 years.