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Senior Day Care: Adult Day Care Options

Senior Day Care: Adult Day Care Options

What is senior (adult) day care

Senior day care, both for adults and seniors is a way to socialise with their peers.

This reduces the isolation and loneliness experienced in the home.

Adult day care includes supervised activities in a professional care home for older persons in their 40s and 50s.

Adult day care facilities allow senior citizens to socialise and participate in scheduled groups while receiving the needed health support.

Senior Day Care: Adult Day Care Options

About half of adults in day care have some cognitive impairment.

These specialized facilities offer a great place for older adults who require additional supervision and service. 

A variety of adult day care programs are available in the United States, depending on the needs of the seniors involved.

Some adult day care centers are geared specifically towards seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Senior Day Care: Adult Day Care Options

Others offer a more general program that includes:

– social activities

– meals

– assistance with basic needs such as bathing and grooming.

In most cases, adult day care is less expensive than full-time nursing home care.

It can also be a relief for primary caregivers, who may need to go to work or take a break from their duties for a few hours each day.

Adult day care centers usually require advance registration, and some may have waiting lists.

Benefits of using adult day care services

For adult day care or senior day care centers to be beneficial, they should provide an atmosphere that is warm and friendly.

It should have activities specifically designed for seniors.

This can include physical activities such as:

– light exercise and stretches

– cognitive stimulation sessions

– board games and crafts

– music therapy.

Most adult day care centers offer socialization opportunities which can help seniors feel less isolated and lonely.

Some adult day care centers also provide transportation services for their clients.

This allows seniors to arrive at the adult day care center safely.

These adult day care centers typically employ staff members with special training in caring for elderly adults.

They ensure that each senior receives the best possible care and support, which is tailored to meet his or her individual needs.

With adult day care, adult and senior citizens can maintain independence.

They can enjoy activities that foster physical health, mental stimulation, and social interaction.

Finding the right adult care center for elderly parents

It is important to find a center that provides the best possible experience and meets all of their needs.

Consider the type of activities offered, staff qualifications, accessibility, location and cost when making your decision.

If you have any questions about adult day care or senior adult day care, contact your local adult services agency for more information.

National Adult Day Service Association recommends starting with what services the senior adult and the caregiver needs the most.

Do social activities matter to day care participants?

Are they able to walk and take medication for the same reason?

What about stimulation? 

Do you like exercising? 

Do caregivers require support?

Answers to these questions will help you find the right adult day care provider that serves you the best.

What services and amenities are provided in an Adult Day Care?

Although the exact offerings of each adult day program vary, most offer healthy lunches that the loved one may enjoy when they socialize.

The centers offer adult day care participants an array of entertaining events, including birthday party fashion shows and birthday parties trivia games, painting or group discussions.

Some programs offer concerts or movie tours and visits to libraries, museums, parks and many other locale activities.

Many of these support services provide adapted fitness and movement exercises for the needs and interests of the participant.

Senior Day Care: Adult Day Care Options

Various programs could include exercise like dance and others could focus more on stretching.

There are different facilities for every aspect, but the benefits are generally social activities.

Checklist of activities provided by a good senior day care center

A good adult day care program should aim to enrich participants lives and develop their skills in a safe environment.

They should also provide social and emotional support for seniors who may not have a family caregivers.

Activities typically vary depending upon participants abilities and their health status and might involve things such as:

– arts and crafts

– musical entertainment and sing-alongs

– mental stimulation such as bingo

– stretching or other gentle exercise

– discussions of literature or films

Adult day care programs that specialize in dementia and Alzheimer’s patients

The specialized services aimed at dementia and Alzheimer’s patients typically provide a more specific care for those with these conditions.

They may offer activities specifically designed to stimulate the mind and promote cognitive function, such as puzzles, crafts and reminiscence therapy.

They often have staff who are specifically trained in caring for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Adult day care can be particularly beneficial if someone has Alzheimer’s early stages and still possesses excellent social skills.

This can provide peace of mind for caregivers, who can be assured that their loved one is being taken care of in a safe and supportive environment.

Caregiver burnout

A recent study on the effectiveness of day care in supporting caregivers of elderly parents with dementia showed that the family caregivers also benefited from these services.

It reduced caregiver burnout and gave family caregivers the confidence to postpone institutionalizing aging parents with dementia.

Senior Day Care: Adult Day Care Options

If you are considering adult day care for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it is important to find a program that specializes in these conditions.

This will help you make an informed decision about adult and senior day care options available in your area.

How does adult day care compare with other senior care options

Adult Day Care vs. Assisted Living

Assisted living is a residential senior care option designed to assist seniors in preparing meals, cleaning and bathing.

Senior residents are housed in private or semi-private rooms inside an apartment complex.

The pricing usually includes three meals per day, a shared kitchen area; communal places to eat.

There ae organized recreation and cultural events and transportation services.

Several community facilities have on-site amenities including a gym, pool, salons, pharmacies and computer facilities.

This is an affordable option for some families who find caregiving duties taxing on their own well being.

Adult day care vs. skilled nursing care

Skilled nursing care is the most expensive option for providing healthcare.

Although nursing homes are rarely the preferred choice, it can be the best option to help dementia patients who has significant physical/cognitive disabilities.

This is suitable for elderly with health conditions that require medication dispensing or physical therapy.

If providing 24 hours/7 is overwhelming, the nursing home option where there is a registered nurse on site could be the best choice for you.

Adult Day Care vs In-Home Care

In-Home Care enables a person to assist a caregiver with everyday tasks including cooking and grooming as part of the daily routine.

In addition to the usual home healthcare services a physician can provide specialized medical services at home.

In-Home Care can also help your loved one stay home with adult day care.

Average Costs of Adult Day Care Nationwide

Most adult day care visits average around 4 to 12 hours per day, five days per week.

Day care services for adults include social services as well as healthcare services and are often used for older parents.

Adult day care is an easier and less expensive option for many families than full-time nursing services.

According to Genworth the monthly median cost of adult day health care in 2021 was $1, 690 and assisted living facility (private, one bedroom) was $4, 500.

Average Costs of Adult Day Care by State

Adult day health care in the USA costs about $78 a day, although prices differ considerably based on states.

These services vary significantly by geographic region; eg Maine ($120) vs Alaska ($72) vs Alabama ($35) vs Texas ($36).

Calculator for costs in your area

Genworth has provided an easy to use online calculator of the cost of day care in your state:

Simply enter and select your city, state or zip code and choose the cost period (hourly, daily, monthly or annually).

Senior Day Care: Adult Day Care Options

How can I pay for adult care

Adult day care charges vary widely based upon location, organization operating center and their functions.

Several programs have a sliding fee structure for very low income earners or people requiring financial assistance.

Does Medicare cover adult day care costs

While most elderly adults qualify for Medicare Benefits it has no impact on adult day care.

While often confused with Medicaid benefits, Medicare does not directly contribute to adult day care fees.

A family member who has Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) that was purchased from private insurance companies may enjoy limited day care coverage for adult day care services.

The extent of adult day care insurance varies entirely from the plan itself.

Medicaid and Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

Some state programs include a full-inclusive elderly care program.

These offer comprehensive home and community care to frail elders in need of nursing home care.

Your state Medicaid may pay for a day care depending on your financial circumstances.

It is usually only accessible to persons who do not earn a minimum wage or have very few assets.

Do veterans’ programs cover senior day care costs

Benefits for veterans

If veterans meet the clinical criteria for community care, they are also eligible for adult day health care services.

There may be a co payment depending on the individual veteran’s income and relevant financial status.

Veterans and their spouses should contact the US Department of Veterans Affairs (veterans health administration) to determine eligibility for financial support or respite care.


There are a variety of adult day care services available.

The types of adult day care available depend on the needs of the individual.

The services provided include socialization and activities, as well as necessary healthcare services.

Costs vary depending on location.

Many adult day services have a sliding fee scale for those who need it.

Medicare does not cover adult day care costs.

Medicaid and other programs may, depending on the individual’s circumstances.

Veterans may be eligible for support through the Department of VA.

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