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Why do people seek out self help podcasts?

So why do people seek out self help podcasts? 

Searches for self help podcasts are trending especially in this time of the great resignation movement that COVID19 inadvertently kick started in 2019.

Three years on is a good time to pause and re evaluate our priorities.

This starts with being honest and admitting that our sense of well being, personal happiness and fulfilment is the number one priority in our lives.

People are looking for ways to connect with themselves, experience spiritual growth, find meaning in what they do and live more fulfilling lives in times of uncertainty.

Why do people seek out self help podcasts?

At the time of writing, mainstream media 

is warning of another catastrophic global financial crisis that will make 2008 look like a tiny blip on the heart monitor trace of the world’s economies.

Taking the correct action will help most people prepare for this event and even seize the opportunity to create financial freedom for themselves and their families.

Personal development podcasts

Let’s be honest. We all want a better life and this only can happen when we have personal growth.


These podcasts offer advice and guidance on a wide range of topics, from personal relationships to professional success.

As it has been said many times, “Your life is not a dress rehearsal”.

You only get one go…at least in this lifetime ;-).

At the risk of laboring the point-nobody wants to live an ordinary life when we can create abundance and the best life imaginable.

Work life balance

To live a truly limitless life, we need practical and proven strategies with practical tips that lead to healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle.

It is essential to have a work life balance that honours your physical, mental and emotional health. 

This includes having a career that you are passionate about and also taking the time to nurture your relationships, hobbies and interests outside of work.

When you have this important aspect mastered, you can show up as your best self in all areas of your life.

You have more energy, clarity and focus to put towards your goals and you can enjoy your life more fully.

Self improvement podcasts can be a great way to learn about how to create an extraordinary life.

Advantages of podcasts

Podcasts are convenient because they can be listened to at any time, and they cover a wide range of topics.

This makes them perfect for people who want to learn about a variety of subjects or who want to focus on one particular topic.

Podcasts are often free or affordable, making them an accessible option for people on a budget. 

Think of it as having a life coach or a habit coach at your disposal. Pretty neat!

Why do people seek out self help podcasts?

You can listen to them while you’re working out, driving, or doing other activities.

This means that you can easily incorporate them into your day-to-day life as tiny leaps as you fine-tune your day to day behaviors.

They provide a convenient and affordable way to get help with personal growth, and many people find them to be incredibly helpful.

Community and connection

In a world where people spend a great deal of time online, podcasts offer a sense of community. 

Listening to podcasts can be a social experience, as people can share their thoughts and opinions about the episodes they have listened to.

This can help people feel connected to others and build relationships that support their personal development goals.

Why do people seek out self help podcasts?

Podcasts offer a wide variety of content

This means that you can find a podcast that covers a topic that interests you. 

This can help you learn more about yourself and find new ways to improve your life.

As mentioned, podcasts are great for connecting with others. 

Many podcasts have communities of listeners who share their experiences and provide support to one another.

This can be helpful if you’re struggling with something and need some encouragement.

Podcasts offer an intimate, personal experience that can be tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

People can find information and support for a wide variety of topics, from mental health to relationships to career growth.

Podcasts provide an easily accessible, affordable way to get help when you need it.

You can listen to them anywhere, and they’re perfect for multitasking.

Plus, the host often becomes like a friend or mentor, providing support and guidance along the way.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your life that come with practical advice, consider giving self improvement podcasts a try. 

You may find the support and guidance you need to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Self help podcasts can provide you with a wealth of information and advice

Podcasts are a great way to get a lot of information in a short amount of time.

If you are looking for advice on a particular topic, there is a good chance that there is a self help podcast out there that can address it.

This can be helpful if you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. 

By listening to podcasts on a variety of topics, you can gain a lot of insight and knowledge that will help you work through your problems.

Why do people seek out self help podcasts?

Self help podcasts are packed with information and resources that can help you tackle your challenges head-on.

From advice on how to deal with stress or anxiety to tips on how to improve your productivity, self help podcasts have something for everyone.

Many self help podcasts feature interviews with experts who can offer advice and guidance

In the field of personal development and personal growth, the most influential figures include Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy. 

These two individuals are thought leaders who have proof of enduring success to back their advice. 

You virtually have a private mentor you can turn to at any time of day or night.

A word of warning- Anyone can call themselves a motivational speaker and there is a multitude of so-called self help gurus out there who are no better than charlatans.

These men and women will attempt to get you to part with your hard-earned cash on coaching programs that do not deliver the results promised.

Do your due diligence by searching online using the terms “scam” and the individual’s name.

Self improvement podcasts can provide you with support and encouragement

The best self help podcasts can be helpful when you are feeling down or struggling with your mental health. 

The hosts of these podcasts often share personal stories and offer words of encouragement, which can help boost your morale.

Why do people seek out self help podcasts?

Many self improvement podcasts feature interviews with expert personal development trainers or guests who offer sharp insights, productivity strategies and life advice on how to improve your life.

This can be motivating and inspiring, especially if you are feeling stuck in a rut.

Self improvement podcasts can help keep you accountable

If you are trying to make changes in your life, accountability can be key.

By listening to a self help podcast, you can get regular reminders and updates on your goals. 

This can help you stay on track and make progress.

Some self improvement podcasts even feature challenges or homework assignments that listeners can complete. 

This can help hold you accountable and give you a sense of accomplishment.

By creating a sense of accountability for yourself, you are more likely to stick to the goals that you set for yourself since you will have others supporting you and helping you along the way.

The best practical self improvement podcast will have a community or forum associated with it where people can share their personal stories, successes and failures. 

These are rich resources that provide further support and motivation.

Improve your mental health

Some people are uncomfortable discussing their mental health issues. 

This is understandable and must be acknowledged and respected.

The practical wisdom gained from tapping into these podcasts can help you deal with stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and boost your self-esteem.

Why do people seek out self help podcasts?

By learning about different techniques for managing mental health conditions, you can start to feel more in control of your emotions and better equipped to deal with challenges in your life.

However, please always see your healthcare provider for support on eating disorders etc which require one on one consultations.

Increase your self-awareness

As with all personal development, you are exposed to a variety of different viewpoints and perspectives on life.

This can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and how you operate in the world.

You may learn about different communication styles, conflict resolution techniques, and how to set boundaries to maintain healthy relationships.

By gaining a better understanding of yourself, you are motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Podcasts can also be a great resource for information on how to live a healthier lifestyle. 

This can include tips on nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

You may also learn about different ways to manage stress, such as meditation and breathing exercises. 

These techniques can help you relax and feel more in control maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for overall wellbeing.

Tiny leaps big changes

In the context of personal development growth, taking tiny leaps can be more beneficial than making larger changes all at once.

Making big changes can be overwhelming and cause you to give up if you don’t see results right away.

But by making a series of small changes, you can gradually work your way towards your goals and make lasting progress.

This is because tiny leaps allow you to test out new behaviors and see how they work for you, which helps build confidence and creates a sense of mastery.

Ultimately, this can lead to bigger changes down the road as you become more comfortable with taking risks and stretching yourself.

So if you’re looking to make some positive changes in your life, start small and take tiny leaps!

Get a new perspective on life

Listening to self help podcasts can help you see the world in a new light.

You may start to view problems as opportunities for growth, find new ways to cope with stress and anxiety, and develop more positive relationships with others.

Why do people seek out self help podcasts?

By gaining a new perspective on life, you can begin to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

You can maintain or improve your relationship with yourself and others through practical advice shared on these podcasts on how to improve your relationships with yourself and others.

Motivate individuals to take action

One of the biggest benefits of self help podcasts is that they motivate individuals to take action.

By providing individuals with information and resources, self help podcasts give people the tools they need to make positive changes in their lives.

Why do people seek out self help podcasts?

These podcasts often feature interviews with motivational thought leaders who can offer advice and guidance, which can motivate people to take steps towards improving their lives.

Some people don’t take action because they don’t want to feel the discomfort of change

If there is resistance, it usually means the person doesn’t want to feel the pain of their current situation. It hurts to have to face their fears and shortcomings.

Again, there is no judgement or condemnation-just empathy and compassion.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to take action after listening to self help podcasts, there are a few things you can do to overcome this:

  • Commit yourself to taking action. This means setting a date by which you will take action and then doing everything in your power to stick to that commitment.
  • Find an accountability partner. This is someone who will hold you accountable and help keep you on track.
  • Make sure that the action you take is achievable and realistic. Don’t try to do too much at once or set goals that are impossible to achieve. Start small and work your way up.


To live a truly world class life, you must know it requires changing habits that have brought you to where you are at present.

There is no shame, condemnation or guilt. 

It is what it is. 

However, it doesn’t have to stay this way.

Make a simple yet life changing decision such as committing to personal development in the form of listening to a daily mastery podcast on a topic that resonates with you. 

It could be career advice, or getting a better understanding of human dynamics and getting on better with work colleagues.

Then, by taking daily action, there is no limit to what you can be, do and have. 

We all want to live a meaningful life and that starts with working on ourselves from the inside out. 

This is personal development in a nutshell.

Why do people seek out self help podcasts?

Strive to be a better human who practices self love first and foremost. 

Here is where your inner guidance will reveal itself, and as you uncover sharp insights you and your world will change for the better.

Spiritual growth means that you cannot give of yourself to others when your cup is empty. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Your dream life starts now.

Peace be with you!